Welcome to my website. I am happy to announce my book Where Night is Day: The World of the ICU will be published April 2nd. I want to thank everyone at Cornell University Press for their kindness and efforts in guiding the manuscript to this moment.

I look forward to hearing from readers thoughts, questions and experiences.

Please contact me if you are interested in a reading or an event.

  • Judith Jenness

    thanks…as a critical care nurse for the last 30 years, it’s good to read something by a nurse that is so thoughtful, rather than sensational….
    I’ve often wondered why there issuch a rich literature of physican-writers, and not of nurse -writers…because we are until recently women? because we tend to devalue our experience as subordinate?

    • jimk

      Dear Judith,
      Thank you for kind comments. I too wonder at the paucity of nurse-writers. There is such a disproportionate number of books by physicians. You would think that nursing, with its unique closeness to illness, would produce more writing.I’m offering a workshop in Santa Fe in March: Writing About Illness: A workshop for healthcare professionals where I hope to encourage other nurses to take up writing. I think nursing has a lot to contribute to the theory and literature of illness.
      My best,
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      Santa Fe,NM 87508
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